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Anuya Manerkar

Dr. Anuya Anil Manerkar

Dr. Anuya Anil Manerkar is the Founder and Chief Dermatologist of 'Panache Skin Clinic.' She has always excelled academically and received her medical education from one of the best colleges - MBBS and DDV (Diploma in Dermatology & Venereology) from D Y Patil Medical College in Mumbai.

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About Dr. Anuya

Dr. Anuya is extremely keen in scientific and ethical practices of clinical and cosmetic dermatology and trichology. She is pretty passionate about teaching and regularly conducts training sessions for fellow Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, as well as a workshop at various conferences. 


For the past eight years, she has been a member of the Allergan Medical Institute FACULTY and has also worked as a Botox and Filler trainer for Allergan Medical.


She aspired to educate and encourage all of her patients to grow and become more confident, as she believes that beauty is more than just skin deep.


Dr. Anuya has a creative flair, which she explores in her cosmetic practise, which includes facial contouring, eyebrow contouring, jaw definition, lip enhancements, skin tightening and anti-aging issues, teenage acne, rosacea issues, and various lasers for a variety of issues ranging from hair reduction to scar and stretch mark reduction.


She firmly believes that being at ease and content with one's skin and hair is essential for all of us, both personally and professionally. 


Anyone who knows Dr. Anuya will vouch for the fact of her medical expertise, honesty, ethics, practical approach, and attention to detail.

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